Wednesday, August 26, 2009

.:Not Juz A Song=):.

Salam to all..i've watched something in my fren's blog n want 2 share it with all of u guys..sounds like a joke but i'm sure they have their own meaning..
enjoy watching!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

.:Ramadhan 1430h:.

"Wahai Tuhan Ku tak layak ke Syurgamu..
Namun x pula aku sanggup ke Nerakamu..
Ampunkan dosaku terimalah Taubatku..
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah pengampun dosa-dosa besar.."

Suddenly my tears drop slowly through my cheeks when i heard dis songs from Raihan..sayu,sedih,sebak..everything mix together..Ya Allah, please forgive for all da sins dat i've made Ya Allah.."may this Ramadhan will give me 1000 of ur blessed my God..ameen.."

Flashed back 2 my secondary school life when Ramadhan, it was sooo amazing actually(since i studied in SBP)..We have no time 2 sleep, no time 2 chitchat for annoyed things (all of dat are juz decreased our pahala puasa kan?)..all we did was 'tadarus Al-Quran'..what a wonderful life ya Allah..Al-Quran is our whistle everyday, every evening when PREP's time..the whole SURAU was full by us, SEMESTIans..n wat was i felt on dat time is only one; CALMNESS..*deep-breath*..syukur ats sgala nikmatMu ya Allah..thanks 4 giving me da chance, da oppurtinity to follow the right way in this life..

n tomorrow, Ramadhan will comes again..all of the memories are seems growing very2 green in my mind; juz like yesterday..miss the break-a-fast time with all my x-housemate in U; miss the time we terawikh 2gether on the nite; miss the time we shopping dishes at Pasar Ramadhan; miss misss missss n missssssss u a lot ija,wani,dyg,mek n ina, happy fasting dear..Doakan kebahgiaan kita b'sama dunia & akhirat..Isha LOVES All Of You..

"Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai..
Dengan rahmatMu ampunkan Daku Oh Tuhanku..
Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini,
Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan..
Kami takut kami harap kapada Mu..
Suburkanlah Cinta kami kepada Mu..

Akulah Hamba Yang Mengharap Belas Dari Mu..."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.:SpEnDinG TimE 2geThEr:.

Salam 2 all da viewers=)..
It has been long time 4 me 2 write again in my blog*sigh*
Actually, I've been spending a lot of fun last weekend with my hubby..juz be back from kl, followed utem teaching seminar for 3d2n at Quality Hotel..
n wat make me sooo happy is.....seem it's very near wif Jln TAR, i've got time to go for SHOPPINGGGG!!!n luckily, the pasar mlm is on dat nite(saturday nite)..n it makes me very2 crazy..*rambang mata sgt2!!*..hehe..n guess wat have been bought?????of course la *TUDUNG*..i am crazy on dat ok..really2 fanatic on it..dat's y i can spend a lot of my money (ops, nik money actually..) 2 have a collection of dis tudung2..sori eh syg=)

ummmm, why women like 2 shopping ek??still wondering, cause it's also 1 of my interest..but i'll not interested 2 waste my mny shopping in Pavilion kot..hehe..why??ntah..(*-*)..maybe the prices are more2 expensive..with rm200, i can buy soo many things in JJ n not if u spend it in Pavilion..but it was individual opinion kan..*tepuk dada tanya selera*
k la, have 2 go now..have sumthng 2 do..let me story again later k..
have a nice day guys..(^-^)v