Thursday, September 17, 2009

.:WeeKeNd@PoRt DiCkSoN:.

Salam 2 all..sorry blog, seems like i didn't have 2 write so soon 'bout my vacation..*biasalaa, mood raye dh mkn m'buak2 lately~=)..*

Smlm nik sakit perut..pity him, t'paksa ambik mc for 1day..but alhamdulillah, e'thing gonna b OK..except me, rase nk dmm lak arini..* ni bdn??merajuk kot kne ambk drh smlm eh??*..xpela, Allah nk test je tu, but hope 2 get well soon..esok nk kne blk klantan dh..berbelas2 jam lak ats kete..harap semenye selamat..

Ok2, let me story a little bit 'bout my PD's..We arrived to Le'Paris Hotel about 12.15pm..unluckily, the receptionist said dat da guests check-in time is on 3pm..*gile ke hape??xkan nk tggu 2jam lbh kt situ kot..dh la puase, kalo x blh gk pegi lunch dl ke kan..*tp xpela, dugaan bln puase..juz b patient k sha..huhu..

Le Paris Hotel & Resorts

Swimming Pool

n after 1 hour waiting, we then got our key n check-in..da room is like 'OK laaa'..neat n comfortable but less-furnished..xbyk sgt perabot smpi nmpk kosong jek blk yg luas tu..
but luckily it's facing da sea..kire ok la gak kan=)..k la, juz see n give ur own opinion ek..

Key & Sahur Voucher

The Room

Rest Room

Scenery from Our Room

n for da break-a-fast session, we've got our dishes at one of da seafood restaurant near telok kemang..*sori eh, xigt nama kdai tu ape..sdp sgt mkn s mpi terlupe=D*..n 4 ur information, we need 2 book it in early, kalau x, slmt berbuke puase dgn air je la nmpk gayanye..huhuuu..
all da dishes have been finished by nik n isha with so many complimentsss=D..


"x cukup sbenarnye ok!!=)"

ummm, lps kekenyangan mcm garfield, we've tried 2 find s'where-interesting-place-to-visit..but wat juz we found was an-old-shopping mall named 'Oceanic'..huhu..*redha2!!*
xpela, as long as we can jamu our mata tuk tgk2 barang yg ade kt sane..actually it juz a small shopping mall combined with 'The Store'..xbeli ape pon kat sane except 1 bottle of mineral water..hahaaaa~

On the way home, we then layover to 'PD Walk'..ala2 mcm gerbang mlm if kt ipoh, tp dia dlm bangunan..n skali lg we juz had our window shopping there..nothing interesting 2 buy except 1 new Honda City displayed in front of the main entrence..*xkan nk bli tu lak kan??=D*hehehhh..

Haishhhh, my headache is back la!!think 2 end my story now..*ampun ehh..*..but ape2 pon, we have our happy moment 2gether there, even in juz 2d1n holiday..thanx 2 u syg..
many things 2 do after dis..esok dh nk blk klantan..have 2 packing, iron bj2, n mcm2 lg nk kne buat..

Before me end, wanna wish 2 all da viewers, "SeLaMat HaRi RayA AiDiLfItrI, MaAf ZaHiR & BatIn.."sucikanlah hati dan berikanlah kemaafan dgn setulus jiwa..semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati apa shj yang kita lakukan..ameennn..

Friday, September 11, 2009


Dearest blog..
Juz 2 inform u dat i'm going 2 pd dis weekend..yayyyyyy!!
n 2 my dearest hubby, hope we'll njoy ourselves there..
"xbaik tau, ajak pegi time puase lak tuh..hmmmmm..
xpela, yg ptg sha dpt berkepit je dgn u 24hours nnt..huhuuuu~~"

i'll story 2 u then k blog..with da pictures too, insyaAllah..
see u soon (^_~)v..daaa

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This conversations are between me n my hubby, nik..right after we had our sahur..

"syg, u know wat date is 2day??" me asking..

"jap ek" nik answered smbl tgk hs..then reply "9 sept syg.."

he then looking back 2 me, smiling..

"ooo, ur date kan??090909, cantik syg.." puji nik

"tu la, dr dl sha tggu tarikh ni tau..u also know kn syg??sbb sha skeee sgt no.9..dat da fact actually..huhu..sampai sha ade niat nk kite kawin on dis day..but i know it can't be, sbb hr ni hr rabu..n org nikah biasenye hr jumaat kn.." me said wif big smiling on my face, feeling so bahgiaaaa dis morning=)..

"xpe syg, atleast aritu kite nikah 060609, juz t'blkkan no.6 tu, then it seems 2 be same date wif 2day kan..hahahaha.." nik then reply me continued with our big laugh 2gether..while hugging me tight........

"i love u sayang.." whispering 2 my ears..

"i love u 2 syg.." smbl belai2 + tepuk2 smpi nik terlena..


i cannot sleep well after sahur dis morning..don't know y, but i juz keep smiling wif my own lps bermanje dgn nik td..teruja + gembira + bahgia + bersyukur..all mix 2gether right now..i really2 like no.9..yes, NINE..ske sgt sejak dr dulu..sejak sy mule utk menyukai sesuatu..

pearlgirl_9 <-- dis was my 1st nickname when i'm crazy in chatting 7 years ago..n bcoz of dat i started to LOVE dis number..many things happened when i'm used it, from sad to happiest moment ever..thanx 2 all da chatters especially my dearest such a greatest gift given by Allah 2 me..i really2 love u sayang..

n to mack@wawa@awekotromen9, we've shared our BIG day dh tadi kan??she also one of da '9' biggest fan=)..miss u mek..lps gak rndu after b'msg2 td..thanx 4 replying me..she now transferred back 2 trengganu..hired by gov lg tuh..congrate!!krm slm ke mak mg ek mek..=)

hmmm, sgt2 syg tuk lpskan hari ni..da date of mine..only once in my 090909, may u'll showered me wif ur happiness n blessings..may all of my prayers will alwiz b mine..ameennn..

n 2 my dearest blog, hope 2 write sumthing in you then..hope u'll alwiz b one of my bestfren 2 share my feelings with, bsides my hubby..ops, ok..u want 2 know s'thng blog??i'm feeling soooo H.A.P.P.Y 2day 2 do every-single-things i wanna do!!..seriously..bcoz 090909 will never comes again nx year..bye for 2day..i will missing u '9'..='(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

.:1st Ramadhan as Mrs. Nick:.

Hye blog, feel like to write somethng in you 'bout my new WIFEly life 2day=)
Pejam-celik-pejam-celik, dh 2weeks kite b'puasa rupanye..juz feel like yesterday i had my 1st sahur wif my hubby..wat a hasty kate, benda yg elok mmg cpt je berlalu..but i'll miss dis Ramadhan..yesss..will miss it sooooooo muchhhh.. y??bcoz sooo many fabulous things happened in dis month between me, myself, my LOVE(nik) and my ALL(Allah swt)..

Actually, dis is my 1st Ramadhan as a wife, after 3 months married..n wat i wanna say is, my life is totally CHANGED!!drp sorang ank mak yg hanye pandai kacau2 lauk KE sorang istri yg sgt pndi memasak..haha..sound funny kan??but it's true..n nik also agree on dat..*thanx syg(but i hope ur praise are whole-heartedly=D)* is interesting actually (br saye tau), when we got da recipe juz in our hand..xpayah pki resepi dlm buku..if we have a taste, we can cook even evrythng we want 2..bak kate mak "campak2 je intan.."itulah mak saye, yg mmg pro memasak..n i think i've got da talent too la..mungkin turun dr mak kot..hmmm(^-^)
As nik like to eat at home, i have 2 cook evryday la nmpk gayanye..but luckily, dia sgt ske tlg wife die kt dapur..even this fasting period too.."thanx soooo much syg 4 ur hand..i appreciate it!!..lps nih blh tlg mskkan tk sha plk kan??=D"

For those who never try to cook, or didn't know how 2 cook, juz njoy cooking in ur own way..make it interesting with ur campak2 recipes=)..give them to be taste by anyone else, then u'll know where your level of cooking is..hoho..selamat mencube..daa (^-~)v