Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.:OuR ShAyaNg Is HeaLThy=):.

Hi blog..i had my 1st baby scan on last wed; 14/10/09..
alhamdulillah, baby is healthy in mama's tummy..
both mama n papa were so very excited when da doc shows da heartbeat of our baby=)..
*papa yg sgt teruja..siap tny doc if blh print dat image..huhu*
tp baby still comey sgt lg, msh xbrape jelas bntk rupenya..saba ek pa=)..
happy 2 see u feeling sooo happy aritu syg..hope dis 'precious-given' will bring a lot of happiness in our marriage..aminnn..
i love both of u~muahhhhh(^__~)v

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


baby now turns to 7-weeks dlm tummy mama..alhamdulillah=)..
"sian mama shayang, hr2 mual n asyik nk mnth jek.."
but it's ok, i'll do anything juz 4 u dear..
may Allah gives His blessing 2 both of us..aminnn..
n hope shayang also get healthy in mama's tummy k..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham bapa kepada sahabat sha, Zazurina..
Semoga beliau ditempatkan di dlm kalangan mereka2 yang soleh..Aminnn..
Buat ina, sabar n bykkan istighfar..U still have me as ur friend..take care dear..

Friday, October 2, 2009

.:2 LiNe?? Alhamdulillah=):.

Hye blog..Wanna share a BIG supprise with you 2day..

"i am 'bout 5 WEEKS PREGNANT!!"=)..alhamdulillah..

I'm not feeling well since yesterday..batuk,sakit kpala, seme ade..n when we had our shopping in Mydin, it turns worst..kpala memusing2 sgt smpi jln pn dh xstable..but i juz ignored dat, then sempat singgah mnm lg tuh..

On da way home, we layover at ayer keroh clinic..da chinese doc then checked my breathing, blood pressure n throat..n suddenly he asked me.."r u pregnant??"..
huhu..seriously my hubby n i were shocked!!haha..lawak tgk mke msg2 time tuh=)..
da doc then ask us whether we wanna do da urine test or not..n dgn rase yakinnye, we were agreed!!

A few minutes later, we've been showed of da result..Clearly, da 2 lines are appeared!!
Alhamdulillah, mngkn doa di bln Ramadhan kami dimakbulkan.."thanx 4 hearing us ya Allah.."
and rite now, we are the happiest persons in da world dat can't wait 2 see our shayang nx year, insyaAllah..

This post had been draft about 2 days..sorry ek..i'm in my 'alah+mabuk' conditions..it tooks a lot of my patience, n nik also..sorry syg..
Last but not least, pls pray 4 our shayang n me k..may Allah bless my 9months-long-journey as a becoming mama..ameennn..