Friday, January 29, 2010


it has been a week since i didn't update wif u kn blog??
malas tgh melanda nih..nk type down even sket pon rase MALAS..

actually, i've done my pregnancy appointment on last wed..
hv 2 weighting back disebabkan over-weight aritu..
n 4 da result..

weight ~ OK
baby ~ OK
urine ~ OK
Hb ~ KO =(

but not too KO la..sepatutnye kne 11mg & above, but aritu check rendah skt la plak..10.6mg..
n disebabkan itu, kne dtg check darah lagi nx 2 weeks..sgt la xsuke!!
asyik kne gi klinik jekkk..hmmmm=(

after finished dat app, we went 4 baby's scanning..=)
saje suke2 jek kan..xabis2!!
xpela, bapak dia kan org gomen..hehehhhh

n kali ni pegi klnk lain, ni pon saje jek ske2 nk tkr..
saje nk tgk if scanner dia lg canggih ke x=P..(sungguh merapu!!)
baby sgt active OK!!smpi ssh doc nk trace dia..
n da doc said dat dia nmpk healthy, n OK 4 all da scanning result..
*we also saw da "montok" peha of da baby..wowww!!*

can't be patient 2 wait till baby in 28weeks..
wanna do da nx scanning session..2 know da real gender of our shayanggg!!
*even dh ade hint2 sket kn..*

k la blog, till here..
will b story 2 u later k..

Friday, January 22, 2010

.:MisSiNg TheM..:.

tb2 teringat kt bdk kecik pot-pet sorang nih..
trs tgk gmbr dia yg b'mcm2 aksi dlm netbook nih..
hmmm..myra2, u such a brilliant-cutey-gurl in our heart..
aishhhhh..rindu la plak nk dgr suare dia b'cerite mcm2..
so 4 today special n3, ateh tampal pic myra kt sini ek syg..

ni time ateh blk umh opah last month..
dia pn sebok nk tdo ats ktl dgn ateh..
senyum dia yg xthn tuh..

nx 2 myra is nephew..
"abg memey..abg memeyyyy!!"
myra ske main dgn amir=)

family visit 2 perodua..msg2 beria nk tgk alza..
tp cam hampeh jek..not worth it 2 buy rasenye
*left one is tasya, amir sis..seme ckp tasya ikt mke ateh..
ek??tp rasenye mmg ade pn kot*

seems like she knows e'thing printed on that..
yo-yo-ooo jek myra nih!!

pic myra a little bit blur in dis..
myra with ummi n ayah

ops..t'msk lak pic pengantin lame nih=)
ni abg & SIL sy..
ayah n ibu amir..ank dh 4, tp still romantik ok!!
siap pakai bj same kaler lagik..huehueee=)

apela yg dimerepekkan ptg nih..hmmm, lyn jek la ek..
rase xbape nk sht arini..pening dr mlm td..
k blog, nnt kt story2 lg k..

**xbeli ape2 brg baby pon lagik..
   nnt2 la kot kn..awal lg

Thursday, January 21, 2010

.:PreGgY UpDaTe:.

Let me list a little bit 'bout da changes during my pregnancy..
sj suke2, kot nnt bl bb dh kuar mama "terindu" plk moment nih..

1~my face look glower..serius..
   *pimples doesn't show herself during my pregnancy*
   *alhamdulillah, certain ppl say dat preggy's face may break-out; but not 4 me..*

2~my hair look more brownish..
   *dh la mmg xhitam, time prgnnt ni dia jd mkn perang..or more 2 red kot..*

3~i have a great "beri" time!!=)
   *sgt b'syukur sbb kebanyakan prgnnt woman akn sembelit; tp sy x..*

4~my body structure is same as b4
   *gaining weight but my hand & leg also "kecik" jek..*
   *only my tummy yg mkn m'besar..sgn cute ok!!huhuuu*
    (n also my br**st yg mkn blossomed!!)

5~my belly-button is stretching=)

6~hv no appetite to eat my own dishes
   *but during my 5months++, its turn 2 b OK*

7~need 2 be pampered with mr.hubby
   *ni sj ngade2 lbh..b4 ni pn mmg cmtu=P*

many more 2 list but dis is da biggest comparison dat i've can catch during my 1st pregnancy experience..

semoga sgala2nya akan dipermudahkan oleh-Nya hngga waktu melahirkan nnt..
insyaAllah..pray 4 our journey k blog..

tb2 rndu moment nih..
*erkk..blh x kami sanding lg skali??*

n also dis moment..
*opsss..rndu kt chenang lorrr=(*

.:FaStiNg DaY:.

Me n Hubby are fasting today..
mama puase ganti; papa puase sunat, temankan mama..

tp sian papa, mlm td papa xdinner pon..
juz having a big glass of carrot susu..
xpe, kang mama mskkan dishes tk b'Buke ye syg..

::LoVe BoTh Of YoU!!::

Friday, January 15, 2010

.:DeArEst Our ChE'PutEh:.

feeling sad 2 let u go=(..
since da day b4, che'puteh doesn't eat its meal..
don't know why..but its "sirip" n "ekor" also didn't seen good like usual..
"sakit kot dia ni syg.."me said tu mr.hubby 2 days ago..
"xpon dia dmm kot kn bang??"mcm2 la andaian yg sy buat ye blog..

n after we took our lunch td, dia dh berenang senget2..
mkn kritikal nmpknye nih..

n 4 da decision, we have 2 let it go..
mr.hubby bwk dia nk lpskan kat saliran dkt2 dgn taman nih..
takut nnt kitorang b'dua kesian+sedih tgk dia mati dpn mata..

2 "che' puteh", hope u'll be fine there..
or if u gonna die today, i hope u'll die in peacefully..


che' puteh in our memory=(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

.:OvEr 700g??:.

"i am healthy mama!!"said da little one yg dlm tummy mama nih..
hehe..*camne mama dia tau nih??*
coz td time pegi monthly checking at clinic, da nurse gave me n hubby 2 hear da heartbeat of our sweetheart..sgt la pantas ye puan2..149 beats/min..
n papa dia plak yg asyk excited, ajak mama gi scan skali lagik weekend nih..huhu..
saba ek syg..dlm sbln lg kite pegi k..

n also supprisingly when da midwife told dat i'm gained over the required weight for my pregnancy period..huhu..t'lebih 700g la plak..
but it's ok, it juz a small matter..maybe when me booked 4 dis "buku merah", i was dis time it start 2 pn dh mkn bsr kan..
n dat midwife also told me 2 juz continue eating, n not 2 diet..coz it still OK..
*huhuuu..legaaa hati dgr!!"

2 my precious little one, hope u'll grow healthy n positively in mama womb..
can't wait 2 see u dis becoming june hny..
may Allah heard all of mama prayers..aminnn..

~: :NiCk LUV IsHa: :~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

.:NeW HoBby=):.

Salam blog..hiii..wanna share s'thng new with u..

taraaaaa!!..our new family members!!=D

en.nick former hobby when he was in jpn..n last weekend he suddenly take out dat aquarium n ask 2 re-continue his hobby again..huhu..
bgs jgak kan, dpt menenangkan hati bl tgk ikan2 comey nih..

we've only bought 5 of golden fishes with variety of colors 2 put in there..
kalo byk2 tkt mati lak ikan tu, xbebas nk swimming kn..
n they are so happy when we brought them back n put in da new place where is our home..huhu..**jemu tgk muke cine kdai tu kot ehh??**

so, lets meeting with them..

2 pieces of dis colour..sgt2 muncit okey!!=)
sekor nm dia "che'ren", sekor lg "fatty"

dis is "che'tam"
only da blacky one..comey!!

n dis is "che'puteh"..also have 2 pieces of them..
da other 1 named "che'ah" sbb red kaler dia lg byk dr che'puteh

br 2-3 hr stay kt sini, tp dia dh knl tuan dia..
pantang nmpak kitorang dtg dkt, seme pon tuju kat kite, nk mntk mkn..
huhhhh..jgn harap..mkn 2x skali sudahhh..nnt gemoksss, xlarat nk swim..

k la, wanna stop here..nnt story2 lg kicking mama dia, ajak rehat kot..huhu..
k blog, see u in da nx ntry..

Friday, January 8, 2010


kat mane nk carik laksa yg sedap kt mlaka nih??
tb2 teringat mak kt ip0h..sob2~~

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

.:RA appoinment:.

went 4 my RA appoinment dis afternoon..
n luckily it juz takes about 1hour..(b4 ni pnh smpi 5hours..jgn xtau..)
thanx 2 my RA specialist 4 ur nice treatment of me=)

sooo many appoinments 2 attend dis month..almost once a week..sgt2 lth b'ulang alik ke hosp n's ok, pls be patient ek sha..think 4 ur baby n health..*cb pujuk dr sndiri=(..*

pls pray 4 me n baby k blog..hope e'thing gonna b ok at last..aminnn..

p/s : RA = rhumatoid arthritis..4 more info, google la ek..

::MoDe ~ SaD=(::

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

.:OuR ShaYanG:.

last week we went 2 klinik amal 4 our baby's scanning.."dh 2-3weeks asyk t'tangguh jek..sian shayang mama nih nk mama tgk dia ek .."
n on dat day, baby was 18w2d in mama's womb..
"2 aunty ina n nora, let meeting me in dis pic n movie=).."
"nnt bl sy dh kuar, jgn lupe dtg tgk sy tau.."

right pic : did u c dat 2 'dot'??dat's my eyes=)
n center of da 2 dots, dat my nose!!=)

quite blur..da print one

left : my head=)
right : my right & left leg bones=)
tomey2 je kn??

mama try 2 upload da movie while da doc scanned me, but failed..
don't know why..xpela, atleast pic2 kt ats tu ade kan??
"happy 2 see u shayang..ddk dlm prt mama baik2 ye.."
n mama also ask da doc, if she can see my gender, n da doc said maybe i'm a ******.. tu pn xsure lg..we wait till u almost 7months k syg..

now i can feel the movement of my baby..evrytime she/he kick, mama asyik senyum smbl urut2 tummy a good kid ok dear..

last but not least, pls b pleasure 2 c dis 'mak buyung' hanging around with mr.nick n frh..

see u in da nx n3..byeee


Monday, January 4, 2010

.:DeC ActIvITy:.

Dec is da-very-anticipating-month 4 all da students..same 2, she had used dis opportunity 2 get her "most enjoying moments" with her ateh in Melaka..(kalau kt umh opah dia asyik kene buat keje kn..hehehh..KANTOI!!=D)

so, after my MIL back 2 klntn, dis 2 girls (my younger sis, ADEK n niece, FRH) nx coming 2 finished their holiday here..**mmg mrk sgt ske sbb blh online 24hours tanpa henti**
me n husband picked them up from seremban bus station coz nick have 2 go 4 a meeting at PD on dat day..
so both of them keep accompanied me while we've be given 1 apartment with 2 rooms there..**gile takut if ddk sorang2 time nick meeting kan..**

n below were da pics dat taken during their time in PD, mlka n kl..
2 adek n frh, 4sure lps ni korang kne dtg lagi coz tlg tmnkan sy yg mcm cipan kesunyian kt sini k..heheheheee..

konon mcm hebat berenang=D

adek & farah

frh height is same as me??OmG!!

wat a beautiful sky up there~~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

.:WeLcoMe 2 MeLakA:.

welcome2!!i was sooo excited n happy when someone planning to come visit us in mlka..why??bcoz me have a friend to-talk-much-n-lot-laugh-with..huhuhuhuuuu..(ops,blh x describe smpi cmtu skali??=D)
n finally their plan are successful..alhamdulillah, jd jugak..
my MIL n BsIL from klntn have spent 'bout 4days in mlka n also KL..pity nik, he was like a 'tourist guide' n 'driver'..huhu..*xpela syg, bkn slalu pon kan=D*
we've bought them visit da histocal place n buildings here; also 2 putrajaya n megamall&da gardens..
here are some of da pic..

amie&bro jaja



  my MIL=)

to chek, jaja n amie, thanx 4 spending ur time with both of us..nnt dtg lg tau=)..
will story 'bout adek&frh' vacation in da nx entry later k..daaa

.:CuTi2 MsIa 2009:.

Hi blog, salam 2 all da viewers..
long time since da last update of isha's LIFE kn??huhu..sorry k!!
toooo many things happened dis month, since i've no times 2 wrote even an entry into u blog..ampunnn=)..

Let me story a little-bit 'bout my "VeRy2 Bz LiFe" dat happened!!
1~nik's Mom n siblings came visit us
2~adek n frh (niece) cuti2 msia; also at melaka=)
3~'meeting-in-vacation' @ PD for 3times!!superbbbb

n will story 4 more in da nx entry k..
ops, last but not least, SeLaMaT MenYamBut 2010 to all..
beginning of our new spirit will starting again..
juz go with it n please don't ever give-up 2 reach it!!