Saturday, December 19, 2009

.:So SoRRy BloG..:.

Hi blog..sooooo many interesting things happened since da last time me had a time 2 update u..
sooooo2 sorry..gimme a little bit times ok??=(
sgt2 bz dgn life skang..


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

.:SeLaMaT HaRi RaYa AidILaDHa:.

Salam 2 all..eiduladha will be celebrate on dis friday, insyaAllah..
Mr.Nick n i will way back 2 ipoh whether dis nite or 2morrow morning..pray 4 our safety journey k..
xsbr rasenye nk smpi ipoh, n nk mntk mak mskkan mknan2 best tk ank dia nih=D..
asyik xde slera nk mkn bl msk sndiri..but i've got da big taste if anyone else cooked 4 me..xtau la nape, sbb tgh 'mcm ni' kot.."xpela, b patient k sha.."
ok blog, see u soon..

salam from us; NiCk, IsHa & Nick.Jr=)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

.:2nd ScaN:.

salam..hi blog..accidently i had my appoinment wif da doc yesterday..
actually juz went there to take da supplement as my pregnancy now is in da-middle-of-12weeks..but luckily da doc then go 4 my 2nd baby scan..*excitedly 4 both of us=D~again!!* 
guess wat u are doing on dat time syg??U'VE BEEN SKIPPING IN MAMA'S WOMB=)=D..
sgt la active bak kate doc.."nmpk x ur baby tgh melompat2 tuh??"
haha..nk tergelak pon ade..ptt la mama dia asyik uwekkk2 jek..=)

doc also take da measurement of our baby..n u'r now 60.6mm da doc said, dat measurement is like 12weeks-5days old baby; padahal ms tu baby br jek 12weeks-2days..*xpela, ikut papa dia kot~~tinggiii=)*..but it's ok, mean dat u'r healthy, shayang..insyaAllah..

at da last, i've been given of 'obimin pluz supplement'..sbb skang asyik xlalu mkn jekkk..sian kt baby, takut xcukup lak vit2 n zat2 tk developmnt dia nnt..kannn..
n thanx 2 klinikamal&surgeri 4 da nice treatment n consultation..rase mcm nk bkak kad tk monthly checking kt sini gk..need 2 survey 1st..

 'Obimin Pluz' more thing 2 story here, 'Mr.Nick prepared 4 da dinner on dat nite!!=)..yayyy!!'
hehe..sungguh xdisangka2, ade talent gk jd chef rupenyeee..maybe he was pity of me yg asyik xde selera nk mkn.. thanx dear..ade hari buatla lg ehhh??=D
simple 2 see but nice 2 taste..xcaye??tny baby..=)


yummy2!!siap ade ice-cream lg tau

table 4 two=)

n we having da burp2 stomach on dat nite..fuhhh, lene tdo..huhu
thanx a lot 2 mr.NicK yg sgt2 ringan tlg spjg tmph kemualanku(^_~)v..
luv u dear syg..muahhhhhhhh~~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

.:AKIM freak:.

watched akim performed his 'BENGANG' in muzik2 '09 semifinal yesterday nite, n feeling sooo proud 2 b one of da akim's fans..huhu..**en.nick jgn t'mnth lak if bc entry ni ek!!=D**
he deserve to get dis 'special acknowledgment' as he was done a great job yesterday (vocal+expression muke yg mmg btl2 nmpk bengang=P)..hehehhhhh

Hope 2 watch akim in final, even xmenang pon xpe..atleast he'll b da one of da new comer who had been challenged 2 b in final..yesssss, u can!!=D..chaiyokkk2!!
Terlebih emotional lak ptg2 dingin camni..k blog, sj rase nk melepaskan kegembiraan yg tersemat kt dada nih=)..hv a happy weekend then..bye~(^_~)v 

Thursday, November 12, 2009

.:PrEseNt 4 u BlOg=)!!:.

U look sooo cheerful wif ur new design,blog..huhu..
m happy 2 write on u when u seems 2 b sooo cute in ur polka-dot style!!=)
love u BLOG!!muahhhhhh~~(^_~)v, no longer sad anymore..juz wanna njoy my life 2 da fullest..

**p/s : happy faces juz like me=D

.:n0 NaMe:.

Hye blog..
feeling unhappy dis evening='(
but juz 2 tell u dat i really2 luv my NiCk..
nothing can't stop me from loving him wif all my <3

baby pn sgt baik arini..mama dh xmual sgt since sbh td..
"good child..mcm ni la ank mama"
happy 2 know u getting bigger n bigger in mama's womb syg..

::LoV3 BoTh 0f Y0u~MaMa::

Thursday, November 5, 2009

.:BoY vs GiRL=):.

I've read an article n feel exciting 2 share it here..
Guess..Guess..n Guess..huhu~(^_~)v
Hope PINK in mama's..shalloooooo~~

He's a boy if:
- You didn't experience morning sickness in early pregnancy
- Your baby's heart
rate is less than 140 beats per minute
- You are carrying the extra weight out front
- Your belly looks like a basketball

- Your areolas have darkened considerably

- You are carrying low

- You are craving salty or sour foods

- You are craving protein -- meats and cheese

- Your feet are colder than they were before pregnancy
- The hair on your legs has grown faster during pregnancy

- Your hands are very dry

- Your pillow faces north when you sleep

- Dad-to-be is gaining weight, right along with you=D

- Pregnancy has you looking better than ever

- Your urine is bright yellow in color
- Your nose is spreading

- You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves in circles

- You are having headaches

- You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an even number

She's a girl if:

- You had morning sickness early in pregnancy
- Your baby's heart rate is at least 140 beats per minute

- You are carrying the weight in your hips and rear

- Your left breast is larger than your right breast
- Your hair develops red highlights

- You are carrying high

- Your belly looks like a watermelon

- You are craving sweets

- You are craving fruit

- You crave orange juice
- You don't look quite as good as normal during pregnancy

- You are moodier than usual during pregnancy

- Your face breaks out more than usual

- You refuse to eat the heel of a loaf of bread

- Your breasts have really blossomed!

- Your pillow faces south when you sleep
- Your urine is a dull yellow color

- You hang your wedding ring over your belly and it moves from side to side

- You add your age at the time of conception and the number for the month you conceived and the sum is an odd number

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Salam 2 u blog..feel like 2 share sumthng wif u 2day..
Baby now is 10weeks old in mama's tummy..loya mama xabis2 lagik syg..later mama n papa going 2 scan 2 see u ya syg..wait till 16weeks, then we can see how was u looks like dear..
hope everythng going 2 be ok..aminnn=)..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

.:OuR ShAyaNg Is HeaLThy=):.

Hi blog..i had my 1st baby scan on last wed; 14/10/09..
alhamdulillah, baby is healthy in mama's tummy..
both mama n papa were so very excited when da doc shows da heartbeat of our baby=)..
*papa yg sgt teruja..siap tny doc if blh print dat image..huhu*
tp baby still comey sgt lg, msh xbrape jelas bntk rupenya..saba ek pa=)..
happy 2 see u feeling sooo happy aritu syg..hope dis 'precious-given' will bring a lot of happiness in our marriage..aminnn..
i love both of u~muahhhhh(^__~)v

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


baby now turns to 7-weeks dlm tummy mama..alhamdulillah=)..
"sian mama shayang, hr2 mual n asyik nk mnth jek.."
but it's ok, i'll do anything juz 4 u dear..
may Allah gives His blessing 2 both of us..aminnn..
n hope shayang also get healthy in mama's tummy k..

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Al-Fatihah buat Allahyarham bapa kepada sahabat sha, Zazurina..
Semoga beliau ditempatkan di dlm kalangan mereka2 yang soleh..Aminnn..
Buat ina, sabar n bykkan istighfar..U still have me as ur friend..take care dear..

Friday, October 2, 2009

.:2 LiNe?? Alhamdulillah=):.

Hye blog..Wanna share a BIG supprise with you 2day..

"i am 'bout 5 WEEKS PREGNANT!!"=)..alhamdulillah..

I'm not feeling well since yesterday..batuk,sakit kpala, seme ade..n when we had our shopping in Mydin, it turns worst..kpala memusing2 sgt smpi jln pn dh xstable..but i juz ignored dat, then sempat singgah mnm lg tuh..

On da way home, we layover at ayer keroh clinic..da chinese doc then checked my breathing, blood pressure n throat..n suddenly he asked me.."r u pregnant??"..
huhu..seriously my hubby n i were shocked!!haha..lawak tgk mke msg2 time tuh=)..
da doc then ask us whether we wanna do da urine test or not..n dgn rase yakinnye, we were agreed!!

A few minutes later, we've been showed of da result..Clearly, da 2 lines are appeared!!
Alhamdulillah, mngkn doa di bln Ramadhan kami dimakbulkan.."thanx 4 hearing us ya Allah.."
and rite now, we are the happiest persons in da world dat can't wait 2 see our shayang nx year, insyaAllah..

This post had been draft about 2 days..sorry ek..i'm in my 'alah+mabuk' tooks a lot of my patience, n nik also..sorry syg..
Last but not least, pls pray 4 our shayang n me k..may Allah bless my 9months-long-journey as a becoming mama..ameennn..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

.:WeeKeNd@PoRt DiCkSoN:.

Salam 2 all..sorry blog, seems like i didn't have 2 write so soon 'bout my vacation..*biasalaa, mood raye dh mkn m'buak2 lately~=)..*

Smlm nik sakit perut..pity him, t'paksa ambik mc for 1day..but alhamdulillah, e'thing gonna b OK..except me, rase nk dmm lak arini..* ni bdn??merajuk kot kne ambk drh smlm eh??*..xpela, Allah nk test je tu, but hope 2 get well soon..esok nk kne blk klantan dh..berbelas2 jam lak ats kete..harap semenye selamat..

Ok2, let me story a little bit 'bout my PD's..We arrived to Le'Paris Hotel about 12.15pm..unluckily, the receptionist said dat da guests check-in time is on 3pm..*gile ke hape??xkan nk tggu 2jam lbh kt situ kot..dh la puase, kalo x blh gk pegi lunch dl ke kan..*tp xpela, dugaan bln puase..juz b patient k sha..huhu..

Le Paris Hotel & Resorts

Swimming Pool

n after 1 hour waiting, we then got our key n check-in..da room is like 'OK laaa'..neat n comfortable but less-furnished..xbyk sgt perabot smpi nmpk kosong jek blk yg luas tu..
but luckily it's facing da sea..kire ok la gak kan=)..k la, juz see n give ur own opinion ek..

Key & Sahur Voucher

The Room

Rest Room

Scenery from Our Room

n for da break-a-fast session, we've got our dishes at one of da seafood restaurant near telok kemang..*sori eh, xigt nama kdai tu ape..sdp sgt mkn s mpi terlupe=D*..n 4 ur information, we need 2 book it in early, kalau x, slmt berbuke puase dgn air je la nmpk gayanye..huhuuu..
all da dishes have been finished by nik n isha with so many complimentsss=D..


"x cukup sbenarnye ok!!=)"

ummm, lps kekenyangan mcm garfield, we've tried 2 find s'where-interesting-place-to-visit..but wat juz we found was an-old-shopping mall named 'Oceanic'..huhu..*redha2!!*
xpela, as long as we can jamu our mata tuk tgk2 barang yg ade kt sane..actually it juz a small shopping mall combined with 'The Store'..xbeli ape pon kat sane except 1 bottle of mineral water..hahaaaa~

On the way home, we then layover to 'PD Walk'..ala2 mcm gerbang mlm if kt ipoh, tp dia dlm bangunan..n skali lg we juz had our window shopping there..nothing interesting 2 buy except 1 new Honda City displayed in front of the main entrence..*xkan nk bli tu lak kan??=D*hehehhh..

Haishhhh, my headache is back la!!think 2 end my story now..*ampun ehh..*..but ape2 pon, we have our happy moment 2gether there, even in juz 2d1n holiday..thanx 2 u syg..
many things 2 do after dis..esok dh nk blk klantan..have 2 packing, iron bj2, n mcm2 lg nk kne buat..

Before me end, wanna wish 2 all da viewers, "SeLaMat HaRi RayA AiDiLfItrI, MaAf ZaHiR & BatIn.."sucikanlah hati dan berikanlah kemaafan dgn setulus jiwa..semoga Allah sentiasa memberkati apa shj yang kita lakukan..ameennn..

Friday, September 11, 2009


Dearest blog..
Juz 2 inform u dat i'm going 2 pd dis weekend..yayyyyyy!!
n 2 my dearest hubby, hope we'll njoy ourselves there..
"xbaik tau, ajak pegi time puase lak tuh..hmmmmm..
xpela, yg ptg sha dpt berkepit je dgn u 24hours nnt..huhuuuu~~"

i'll story 2 u then k blog..with da pictures too, insyaAllah..
see u soon (^_~)v..daaa

Thursday, September 10, 2009


This conversations are between me n my hubby, nik..right after we had our sahur..

"syg, u know wat date is 2day??" me asking..

"jap ek" nik answered smbl tgk hs..then reply "9 sept syg.."

he then looking back 2 me, smiling..

"ooo, ur date kan??090909, cantik syg.." puji nik

"tu la, dr dl sha tggu tarikh ni tau..u also know kn syg??sbb sha skeee sgt no.9..dat da fact actually..huhu..sampai sha ade niat nk kite kawin on dis day..but i know it can't be, sbb hr ni hr rabu..n org nikah biasenye hr jumaat kn.." me said wif big smiling on my face, feeling so bahgiaaaa dis morning=)..

"xpe syg, atleast aritu kite nikah 060609, juz t'blkkan no.6 tu, then it seems 2 be same date wif 2day kan..hahahaha.." nik then reply me continued with our big laugh 2gether..while hugging me tight........

"i love u sayang.." whispering 2 my ears..

"i love u 2 syg.." smbl belai2 + tepuk2 smpi nik terlena..


i cannot sleep well after sahur dis morning..don't know y, but i juz keep smiling wif my own lps bermanje dgn nik td..teruja + gembira + bahgia + bersyukur..all mix 2gether right now..i really2 like no.9..yes, NINE..ske sgt sejak dr dulu..sejak sy mule utk menyukai sesuatu..

pearlgirl_9 <-- dis was my 1st nickname when i'm crazy in chatting 7 years ago..n bcoz of dat i started to LOVE dis number..many things happened when i'm used it, from sad to happiest moment ever..thanx 2 all da chatters especially my dearest such a greatest gift given by Allah 2 me..i really2 love u sayang..

n to mack@wawa@awekotromen9, we've shared our BIG day dh tadi kan??she also one of da '9' biggest fan=)..miss u mek..lps gak rndu after b'msg2 td..thanx 4 replying me..she now transferred back 2 trengganu..hired by gov lg tuh..congrate!!krm slm ke mak mg ek mek..=)

hmmm, sgt2 syg tuk lpskan hari ni..da date of mine..only once in my 090909, may u'll showered me wif ur happiness n blessings..may all of my prayers will alwiz b mine..ameennn..

n 2 my dearest blog, hope 2 write sumthing in you then..hope u'll alwiz b one of my bestfren 2 share my feelings with, bsides my hubby..ops, ok..u want 2 know s'thng blog??i'm feeling soooo H.A.P.P.Y 2day 2 do every-single-things i wanna do!!..seriously..bcoz 090909 will never comes again nx year..bye for 2day..i will missing u '9'..='(

Saturday, September 5, 2009

.:1st Ramadhan as Mrs. Nick:.

Hye blog, feel like to write somethng in you 'bout my new WIFEly life 2day=)
Pejam-celik-pejam-celik, dh 2weeks kite b'puasa rupanye..juz feel like yesterday i had my 1st sahur wif my hubby..wat a hasty kate, benda yg elok mmg cpt je berlalu..but i'll miss dis Ramadhan..yesss..will miss it sooooooo muchhhh.. y??bcoz sooo many fabulous things happened in dis month between me, myself, my LOVE(nik) and my ALL(Allah swt)..

Actually, dis is my 1st Ramadhan as a wife, after 3 months married..n wat i wanna say is, my life is totally CHANGED!!drp sorang ank mak yg hanye pandai kacau2 lauk KE sorang istri yg sgt pndi memasak..haha..sound funny kan??but it's true..n nik also agree on dat..*thanx syg(but i hope ur praise are whole-heartedly=D)* is interesting actually (br saye tau), when we got da recipe juz in our hand..xpayah pki resepi dlm buku..if we have a taste, we can cook even evrythng we want 2..bak kate mak "campak2 je intan.."itulah mak saye, yg mmg pro memasak..n i think i've got da talent too la..mungkin turun dr mak kot..hmmm(^-^)
As nik like to eat at home, i have 2 cook evryday la nmpk gayanye..but luckily, dia sgt ske tlg wife die kt dapur..even this fasting period too.."thanx soooo much syg 4 ur hand..i appreciate it!!..lps nih blh tlg mskkan tk sha plk kan??=D"

For those who never try to cook, or didn't know how 2 cook, juz njoy cooking in ur own way..make it interesting with ur campak2 recipes=)..give them to be taste by anyone else, then u'll know where your level of cooking is..hoho..selamat mencube..daa (^-~)v

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

.:Not Juz A Song=):.

Salam to all..i've watched something in my fren's blog n want 2 share it with all of u guys..sounds like a joke but i'm sure they have their own meaning..
enjoy watching!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

.:Ramadhan 1430h:.

"Wahai Tuhan Ku tak layak ke Syurgamu..
Namun x pula aku sanggup ke Nerakamu..
Ampunkan dosaku terimalah Taubatku..
Sesungguhnya Engkaulah pengampun dosa-dosa besar.."

Suddenly my tears drop slowly through my cheeks when i heard dis songs from Raihan..sayu,sedih,sebak..everything mix together..Ya Allah, please forgive for all da sins dat i've made Ya Allah.."may this Ramadhan will give me 1000 of ur blessed my God..ameen.."

Flashed back 2 my secondary school life when Ramadhan, it was sooo amazing actually(since i studied in SBP)..We have no time 2 sleep, no time 2 chitchat for annoyed things (all of dat are juz decreased our pahala puasa kan?)..all we did was 'tadarus Al-Quran'..what a wonderful life ya Allah..Al-Quran is our whistle everyday, every evening when PREP's time..the whole SURAU was full by us, SEMESTIans..n wat was i felt on dat time is only one; CALMNESS..*deep-breath*..syukur ats sgala nikmatMu ya Allah..thanks 4 giving me da chance, da oppurtinity to follow the right way in this life..

n tomorrow, Ramadhan will comes again..all of the memories are seems growing very2 green in my mind; juz like yesterday..miss the break-a-fast time with all my x-housemate in U; miss the time we terawikh 2gether on the nite; miss the time we shopping dishes at Pasar Ramadhan; miss misss missss n missssssss u a lot ija,wani,dyg,mek n ina, happy fasting dear..Doakan kebahgiaan kita b'sama dunia & akhirat..Isha LOVES All Of You..

"Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai..
Dengan rahmatMu ampunkan Daku Oh Tuhanku..
Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini,
Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan..
Kami takut kami harap kapada Mu..
Suburkanlah Cinta kami kepada Mu..

Akulah Hamba Yang Mengharap Belas Dari Mu..."

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

.:SpEnDinG TimE 2geThEr:.

Salam 2 all da viewers=)..
It has been long time 4 me 2 write again in my blog*sigh*
Actually, I've been spending a lot of fun last weekend with my hubby..juz be back from kl, followed utem teaching seminar for 3d2n at Quality Hotel..
n wat make me sooo happy is.....seem it's very near wif Jln TAR, i've got time to go for SHOPPINGGGG!!!n luckily, the pasar mlm is on dat nite(saturday nite)..n it makes me very2 crazy..*rambang mata sgt2!!*..hehe..n guess wat have been bought?????of course la *TUDUNG*..i am crazy on dat ok..really2 fanatic on it..dat's y i can spend a lot of my money (ops, nik money actually..) 2 have a collection of dis tudung2..sori eh syg=)

ummmm, why women like 2 shopping ek??still wondering, cause it's also 1 of my interest..but i'll not interested 2 waste my mny shopping in Pavilion kot..hehe..why??ntah..(*-*)..maybe the prices are more2 expensive..with rm200, i can buy soo many things in JJ n not if u spend it in Pavilion..but it was individual opinion kan..*tepuk dada tanya selera*
k la, have 2 go now..have sumthng 2 do..let me story again later k..
have a nice day guys..(^-^)v

Friday, July 24, 2009

.:IPOH, here i come!!=):.

hi blog..long time no write 2 u, sorry..nothing special happened this week but at last.....i'm going back to ipoh today..yayyyyy!!=D
Actually, abah just called yesterday nite, said dat he want to do a little kenduri kesyukuran 4 my sister..thanx God; at last she got working in lucky are you kak liza..*im happy 2 u 2=)*..
k there..gotta say gudbye 4 u now..rushing 2 pack my bag..huhu..see u soon..daaa

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

.:43 kg??:.

Hi everybody..i am in a good mood to write again in my blog since the 1st one..juz to share my feeling with all of you guys!!
Actually, i am married..and we really2 da newly-weds couple..huhu..baru dekat 2 months..and what is supprising me weight is now turning to 43kg!!damn it!!it's really make me want to shout..haha..juz because my weight before is around 40kg, and i don't expected that it can reached above than 42kg (actually it was tooooo hard 4 me 2 gain my weight when I'm single=))..
But it's ok..the machine still tell me dat i am *OK*..nasib baik x overweight kn??but my feeling is.."is it true??bcoz I'm feel dat my body is juz like before; like me before married..mmm..lantaklah, as long as my hubby said that I'm still OK..hehehehhhh.."
**Now isha is trying to fit her body back..wink**
to all, let fingertips meet my keyboard again..bye=)

Monday, July 20, 2009

.:i'm born in MARCH, who is...:.

  • Attractive personality=)
  • Affectionate
  • Shy and reserved..(really??..huhu)
  • Secretive
  • Naturally honest, generous and sympathetic
  • Loves peace and serenity
  • Sensitive to others
  • Loves to serve others
  • Not easily angered (depends on my mood also k=))
  • Trustworthy
  • Appreciative and returns kindness
  • Observant and assess others
  • Revengeful
  • Loves to dream and fantasize
  • Loves traveling (yesss..i am=))
  • Loves attention
  • Loves home decors
  • Musically talented
  • Loves special things
  • Moody

Saturday, July 11, 2009


hi there..dis was my 1st time i'm blogging..found dat it was interesting anyway..let's update with isha's life; wat's new 'bout me k..end ere 4 now=)